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A Few Words About Us..!


Aradhana PU College has come up with some innovative and world-class learning methodologies that would make the Indians rules the world. The futuristic vision of Mr. YOGANNA J & the TEAM always kept the students ahead of time.


“We believe that education is a tremendous responsibility and not just an activity. We assume moral and social responsibility in every activity of ours as a matter of conscience. We believe in sincere, honest and committed relationships with all our students. We dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of life in our own way by adopting the highest quality standards in imparting education to match the world’s best. Our dedication to education is total” 

Aradhana's Objectives....

Inculcate a strong sense of nationalism keeping in view the glorious heritage of the institution

Empower students with leadership training skills to enable them to be agents of social change​

Commit towards the inclusive education by making it accessible to all sections of society irrespective of class, caste, creed and gender​

Sensitization of young minds towards social and political arena

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